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Team Members visit the Poojapura Cenrtral Jail monthly to conduct prayer service and counselling. Around 60 to 80 people attend the service. This is a programme jointly conducted by the Diocesan Council and JMM. Diocesan Secretary is also a member of the team. Funds generally comesm from the Diocese. We give timely help to the prisoners families. During 2010-11 financial year we gave Rs.18000 as educational help.

There are seven members in the Jail Ministry Team of 2010. They are: Rev. Oommen V. Varkey, Rev. George Jose, Rev. Dr. Jacob Thomas, Mr. P.J. Thomas, Mr. P.U. Thankachen, Mr. Jayamoni,T. and Mr. P.V. John. Every third Sunday three to four members visit the jail and lead in prayer and preaching.


Two of the Team members attended the marriage celebrations of a Prisoner's son and gave some financial help.

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Women Empowerment (Neighbourhood Self-Help) group meets every Sunday at the centre.  They come together to discuus the community issues, organise programmes, make soap, lotions, curry powder, bakery items.They run mutual benfit schemes, like micro financing, and weekly and monthly chit funds. This year they have given Rs. 17,000 as loan to five persons.

A Letter of Thanks

Ona Sadya by Women Empowerment (SHG) Group at JMMSC :

Mr. Shaiju, Rev. George Jose and Rev. T.Jacob Thomas at the Ona Sadya prpeared by the Women empowerment GroupOna Sadya JMMSC 007: