Monday, September 20, 2010

M M Thomas Ecumenical Reading Forum

Dear Friends,

The next meeting of the M M Thomas Ecumenical Reading Forum will be held at 7.30 pm on 12th Tuesday, October 2010 in the JMM Library. Dr. K. N. Ninan, outstanding Scientist, retired from VSSC, Thiruvananthapuram, will speak on “Global Warming.”


Time:7.30 am on Tuesday, 19th October, 2010

Study 1 Rev. David Titus :7.30am to 7.55 am
St. Mark 10: 13-16 - Renewal of the Church
(Hudos Eetho) World Sunday School Day
Discussion - 7.55-8.15

Study 2 Rev. Dr. K. K. Koshy :8.15 am – 8.35am
St. John 10:7-18 - Festival of Unity of Communion of Churches in India - CCI
Discussion - 8. 35-8.55

Study 3 Mrs. Litty George Jose :8.55am to 9.15am
St. Luke 1: 26-38 — Annunciation to Virgin Mary
Discussion - 9.15-9.35

Kindly confirm your participation.

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